Whatcom Museum of History and Art, Bellingham, WA
"Site Specific," 2007

When challenged to create site-specific work for this show, the idea of DREAMING emerged as a lens
through which to create this work. The visual world I present here focuses, quite literally, on the site:
this particular room, the building, the land, and Whatcom County.

This site-specific thesis evoked for me ideas relating to dreams, abundance and greed, timelessness, and art and law.
In addition, this work allowed me to utilize a variety of ways that I employ to make art.
I have "painted" scenes by joining and juxaposing various "found" objects to form meaning,
combined drawing with sculptural elements, and created imagined photographs.
These artworks utilize a dream vocabulary to explore and interrelate the everyday,
our unknown past, and the universal experience of this SITE.

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