Arts Alive, an Arts Curriculum

Arts Alive was an arts curriculum I worked on in the early 2000s. I viewed these as creative learning tools
that provided a holistic approach to an arts education while cultivating, encouraging, affirming, and honoring individual expression.

Arts Alive was a series of project packets, each highlighting the life and work of an individual artist,
and presenting hand-on projects based on that artist's work. The packets included: a focus on the life of the artist
and his/her context within the art world, reference to reproductions of the artist's work, hands-on-projects, vocabulary, questions,
resources, and ideas regarding related studies.

The projects were designed for large or small groups or individuals. Step-by-step instructions were provided.
Students were provided opportunities to learn to articulate and discuss various visual concepts and to enhance critical thinking skills.
Questions were posed to stimulate thought and discussion.

These were used in the Nooksack Valley School Middle School, Everson, WA, and in various home school groups.

Below and to the LEFT is a link to the curriculum as a PDF. Also, see examples of the various pages:

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