Assisting clients to develop thoughtful solutions to conflict through Mediation
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Rose Anne Featherston, Juris Doctor

Family, Workplace and Special Education Mediation

Approved Family Mediator for the Whatcom County and Skagit County Superior Courts

Mediate… Resolve.. Mediation is a collaborative process where parties come together and
with the help of a mediator are empowered to resolve their own disputes.
. By not allowing
someone else to decide for them, parties take charge of their lives; crafting agreements suited
to their particular needs.
. More often than not, at the end of a mediation, the parties shake
hands and breathe a sigh of relief.
 .For they have reached closure, often avoided going
to Court, and they now have a way to go forward. This respectful, voluntary and confidential
process is a highly effective means to resolution.

My practice primarily focuses on issues relating to Family Mediation. .Family mediation includes issues that relate to marital dissolution, as well as those concerning elder transition and elder care. I also mediate cases that involve Workplace and Special Education issues.

When the need arises, I hope you will contact me. ..I would be pleased to assist you. RA